We envision transforming society to achieve social and ecological justice on an anti-colonial basis. This can ultimately only be achieved by replacing capitalism with a more democratic society not driven by profit: ecosocialism. We affirm that the key to changing society is building powerful mass social movements while caring for each other. Political organizations committed to social transformation that help build such movements are also needed.


We are a small member-based group that is working to lay the basis for a political organization that works in and with other ecological, Indigenous, labour and social justice groups to organize for social change. We aim to politicize, unite and organize to build grassroots power in our communities. We aim to learn from and grow with others.

What we want to build

We are working to create the basis of a group of radical organizers that values and fosters clear politics and effective ways of working. We have strong positive expectations of members, expressed below. We recognize the importance of following through on our commitments and that if we don’t take ourselves seriously, no one else will. We will prioritize marginalized voices in our organizing and model intersectional feminism. We will work to nurture the political development of members by sharing and learning the knowledge and abilities that effective radical organizers need. Most such knowledge and abilities are never taught in the capitalist education system. We will consciously try to shed habits that get in the way of this commitment. Talk that doesn’t educate or lead to action is one of those habits. Caring for one another and our communities is vital.


We organize in a way that reflects the society we want to build. We will strive to conduct ourselves in ways that promote equality and challenge injustice, both within and beyond the organization. We respect the group’s democratic decisions.
Members who use oppressive behaviour, language or jokes, or who abuse, harass or discriminate against people on the basis of their gender, race, sexuality, disability, national or cultural background etc. are subject to sanction. Members whose behaviour disrupts or undermines the group’s work are also subject to sanction. Members are encouraged to care about and learn from one another in a positive and inclusive environment.

Joining Solidarity Winnipeg

If you like what you read here, please consider joining or supporting Solidarity Winnipeg!
People who accept our Basis of Unity and agree to actively participate in our work and pay dues are eligible to become members. If you’d like to join Solidarity Winnipeg or have questions about membership, please e-mail info [at] solidaritywinnipeg.ca and put “membership” in the subject line.
People who accept the Vision portion of our Basis of Unity and commit to pay dues may ask to become formal supporters. Formal supporters don’t commit to participating in our work but are welcome to help out. If you’d like to ask to become a formal supporter, please e-mail us and put “formal supporter” in the subject line.

From Theory to Practice

Our ultimate goal is replacing capitalism with ecosocialism. We understand that it would take titanic struggles by very powerful mass social movements to break with capitalism and start a transition towards ecosocialism. What does this mean for how we participate in the low level kinds of community and workplace action against attacks or for reforms that we can be involved with today?…(Read the whole policy here.)

Solidarity Winnipeg Flyer 

(created May 09, 2019)

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