Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2017 4:00 PM
Subject: Solidarity Winnipeg, Complaint

This email is to inform you that at the January 14th Solidarity Winnipeg members’ meeting, the membership voted to give you an official reprimand under SW’s Statement of Expectations and Complaints Procedure.  The complaint details a comment you made to a woman about her physical appearance, “how beautiful you are,” at an October 22nd Migrante event.  Comments of this nature constitute sexual harassment.  Sexual harassment creates a hostile environment for women, alienates them from activism, and reflects poorly on Solidarity Winnipeg as a feminist organization.

We encourage you to continue participating in Solidarity Winnipeg, however, we stress that sexual harassment is not tolerated and your continued violation of our Statement of Expectations will be grounds for further sanction under the Complaints Procedure.  Solidarity Winnipeg will be hosting a workshop on sexual harassment and creating safer spaces in the near future.  It is important that you try to participate in this event—we will be sure to notify you when it is scheduled.

A copy of the investigation committee’s report is attached for your review.

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