Statement on Sexual Harassment Case

On behalf of the Solidarity Winnipeg Communications Committee
January 26, 2016
Update: as of February 1, 2017, the sanctioned person in this post is no longer a member.
Solidarity Winnipeg strives to be an anti-racist feminist radical political organization. Members are expected to act in accordance with our Statement of Expectations. We are posting this statement in the interest of transparency.

On November 19, a Solidarity Winnipeg members’ meeting struck a committee to investigate concerns about sexual harassment raised by a member, in accordance with our Complaints Procedure.

The investigation committee recommended that Solidarity Winnipeg:

(1) Sanction a member with a reprimand

(2) Hold a workshop about sexual harassment that all members are welcome to attend and all men are urged to participate in.

Both of these recommendations were adopted at the January 14 members’ meeting.

The report of the investigation committee was then sent to the complainant, who was no longer a member. Not long after, members of Solidarity Winnipeg began to hear criticisms of our procedure and outcomes. We have also heard allegations about the behaviour of a member other than the one who was sanctioned. Anyone who was harassed by or witnessed harassment by a Solidarity Winnipeg member can contact us at   We take such concerns very seriously.

We are in contact with the organizers at Red Tent for training and resources. Red Tent is an organization that works to provide education and create awareness around sexual consent, safer spaces, respect, and anti-oppression. 

Solidarity Winnipeg does not have an executive committee that can make decisions on behalf of the group as a whole in between members’ meetings. Our February 2 members’ meeting will discuss these matters, including the possibility of making public some information about the sexual harassment investigation itself.

Anyone with concerns is welcome to contact us at

We want to reiterate that we are striving to be an anti-racist feminist radical political organization. We want to become a group that challenges oppression more effectively.

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