Solidarity Winnipeg stands with Occupy INAC

image of a woman drumming

Solidarity Winnipeg stands with Occupy INAC actions across Turtle Island.

We have reached out to occupiers and encourage Winnipeg occupiers to contact us on Facebook, Twitter or email to let us know how we can support. We will do what we can:

Similar occupations of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) offices are emerging across Turtle Island following news of the suicide crisis in the Attawapiskat First Nation in northern Ontario.

This suicide crisis is only one painful manifestation stemming from ongoing acts of colonialism, racism and the results of neoliberal capitalism.

This occupation follows on the heels of a Winnipeg action against CITI FM Dj Dave Wheeler for posting racist and sexist videos. Wheeler has been temporarily suspended for posting these videos but organizers are calling for the station to #FireDaveWheeler.

Both actions are living proof that grassroots direct action can spark personal, institutional and systemic change.



On behalf of the Solidarity Winnipeg communications committee.

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