Solidarity Winnipeg endorses Leap Manifesto

leap manifesto marketing image - a whale and a drum.

Solidarity Winnipeg formally endorsed the Leap Manifesto on Saturday as the group builds momentum leading up to the April 16 provincial elections and beyond.

“We could live in a country powered entirely by renewable energy, woven together by accessible public transit, in which the jobs and opportunities of this transition are designed to systematically eliminate racial and gender inequality,” reads an opening paragraph of the Manifesto.

Solidarity Winnipeg have also incorporated the Manifesto into their provisional statement of purpose.

Author and activist Naomi Klein, one of the founding signatories of the Manifesto, will be speaking in Winnipeg on April 8 at an event hosted by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives-Manitoba.

The Manifesto was initiated in the spring of 2015 at a two-day meeting in Toronto attended by representatives from Indigenous rights, social and food justice, environmental, faith-based and labour movements and currently has over 33,000 signatures.

If you are interested in organizing in the spirit of the Leap Manifesto, contact Solidarity Winnipeg on FacebookTwitter or via email:

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