Building Fightback against the PCs

Solidarity Winnipeg adopted its provincial election strategy this Saturday as the group prepares to fight against potential budget cuts following the April 19 elections.

The group’s campaign strategy is humble and focused on raising awareness about the threat of budget cuts and austerity in Manitoba.

The strategy aims to build solidarity with activist-oriented labour organizers and existing grassroots organizers fighting against the Energy East pipeline, prisons and policing, Indigenous organizers and feminist, LGBTQ and racialized communities.

The objective of Solidarity Winnipeg’s campaign is to build community organizing power at Winnipeg’s grassroots in order to defend against policies of austerity and systemic inequality.

Anyone interested in getting involved is encouraged to message Solidarity Winnipeg on FacebookTwitter or email at:

Solidarity Winnipeg will be hosting a circle at the 13 Fires event about housing and the provincial elections.

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