Building the Left in Manitoba

Scott Price

On January 30th in the Bulman center at the University of Winnipeg Solidarity Winnipeg is hosting a forum Stop Austerity! Build Solidarity! This forum will be the first step to regain and entrench the fight back in Manitoba’s left.

One of the affects of a 16 year NDP government is that the organizing capacity of the left has withered away in Manitoba much to its own doing and its high time to change that.

While the NDP hasn’t undertaken austerity efforts and privatization like in other provinces they are still lacking in many areas (environment, policing and prisons) and with the very real chance of a PC government coming in April the time is now to mobilize.

There needs to be a broad left willing to put pressure on an NDP government and to fight back against a PC government that will going after public services in its crusade to cut so called “waste”.

Join Us!

Saturday, January 30
Bulman Centre Multi-Purpose Room
University of Winnipeg

Free! Snacks provided.

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